Bottled at the strength it emerges from the cask, this delicious amber gold dram is un-chillfiltered, unfussed and untamed; the closest you’ll get to opening the cask yourself.
A peppery tingle gives way to rich flavours of ripe banana, digestive biscuits and cinnamon.

Matured in one third sherry casks, two thirds refill casks and a smattering of bourbon barrels.
Big and bold with a gloriously thick mouthfeel and a delightful, lingering, oak-infused finish.

Nose : Enticingly malty with apple pie, peach, vanilla, nutmeg and white chocolate

Palate : Thick rounded mouthfeel, buttery toffee popcorn, banana, soft oak and fruit

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Glengoyne Cask Strength 59.2% 70cl

  • Brand: Glengoyne
  • Product Code: Glengoyne_CS_008
  • Availability: 3 - 4 Days
  • HKD$680