• Dalva Tawny Port 19% 75cl

This is the name given to blended fortified wines, made from red grapes that are aged in wooden pipes, exposing them to the "angels share” a gradual process of evaporation and oxidation.

The Tawny has an aging period between three to five years.

As a result, they gradually mellow to an amber, nutty color, always blended according to the House style.

Tawny ports are typically drunk as a single glass after a meal or as a dessert wine paired with a chocolate cake or an almond tart.

On taste: A lovely light reddish colour. Aromas of fresh and dried fruits with hints of vanilla.

Very balanced on the palate with an agreable after taste of cherries.Cellaring: Store upright in a cool dark place. It does not develop significan-tly in the bottle.

May be kept three or four years without losing its fresh-ness.

Serving: Serve slightly chilled, be-tween 12 and 13ºC, in an appropriate glass, ideally consumed on its own or served with caramel, vanilla or cream desserts.

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Dalva Tawny Port 19% 75cl

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