• Jané Ventura Reserva de la Música Brut Nature 2017

Vivino : 3.8

The recommended Cava aging time is 24 to 30 months, while the general Reserve grade only needs to be aged for 15 months, which is almost double the aging time.
From the cultivation, shake the bottle, especially the second fermentation and shake the bottle in the later period, the wine cellar worker will shake the bottle by half a person every day to make the wine dregs slowly sink to the neck, and then use the machine to remove the slag and cork.
To reduce wine consumption.

40% Xarel·lo
40% Macabeu
20% Parellada

Fermented at 15ºC for 6 weeks.
About twice as long (24-30 months) than usual champagne or Reserva Cava aging,
It is definitely a work of sincerity. In addition to using the traditional craft "champagne brewing method", it is also an Organic (organic farming) 2017 Cava.

Tasting note:
Light straw yellow color, smelling with white fruits such as apple and pear, fresh vanilla, lemon and citrus. The taste is refreshing and clear, with a dry body and rich and soft foam, reminiscent of "mousse". Appropriate acidity with low astringency, with the flavors of lime and green apple, accompanied by a slightly refreshing minerality.
(It is very suitable for drinking before meals, to ensure an appetite!)
(This wine is Brut Nature with a dry body. Those who are addicted to sweetness may find it slightly less sweet)

Beauty match:
Appetizers, ham, smoked meat, sashimi, beef, spaghetti and cheese.
(Try to match Chinese New Year foods, such as radish cakes and other savoury foods with fat)

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Jané Ventura Reserva de la Música Brut Nature 2017

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